Recommendations for Big Difference Marketing

Recommendations for Big Difference Marketing

From Hertz Europe:

Big Difference Marketing at Hertz“… we were able to further improve Hertz loyalty programmes, satisfy our customers and reach our ambitious goals … professional, focused, quality orientated …”

“… project oriented, organized … real strategic vision and knows how to empower people … a real team player and gets things done …”

“… tremendously efficient and helpful to both myself and my team …”

“… a pleasure to work alongside … Genuine, honest, committed and full of inspiration …”

“… empowering management style, setting clear goals and objectives and providing ample support to get things done … analytical, with a focus on achieving measurable and provable results, and is happy to challenge the status-quo if required (both in terms of working culture and setting marketing strategy) in order to get the required results …”

“… excellent strategic view … vision for the development of global CRM reporting and ensured it was delivered quickly and effectively …  attention to detail ensured the right things were measured and reported on …”

“… relaxed, calm style and is a great communicator and motivator of people … also seeks to change organisational culture where necessary …”

“… professional, with well-developed general management and communications skills. Deploys an intellectual approach to business issues in a non-threatening way …”

From British Gas

Big Difference Marketing at British Gas“… highly effective … strong leadership and nurturing of teams to drive high performance and the application of customer insight to deliver (sometimes groundbreaking) change in strategy and operational delivery ….”

“… a pleasure to work with … a wealth of marketing expertise … and a solid delivery focus … extremely committed and passionate … breadth of expertise and knowledge is impressive and he is able to translate this into the ability to make a real commercial difference …

“… professional, diligent and dedicated … gets things done and issues resolved …”

“… believes in pushing the boundaries … introduced some real approach-changing concepts …”

“… skilled and enthusiastic … brings much energy, innovation and creativity … both inspirational and a breath of fresh air …”

From DHL Express

Big Difference Marketing at DHL“… restored my faith in the purpose of marketing communications … really enjoyed his fun entrepreneurial approach to work, and I try to instil his 3 marketing management principles in to my team today: 1) If you cant measure it, don’t do it, 2) Always produce work with a ‘special’ quality about it, 3) Be a team of people who talk to people …”

From Coca Cola

“… effective at getting the best out of his team and constantly delivers exceptional results …”

From Goldfish credit card

“… passionate, articulate, scientifically astute and focused on ensuring that nothing could undermine the integrity of the Goldfish Brand … I learned a huge deal from him and have applied his views ever since ….”

“… attention to the bigger picture – and not just to the detail that makes it all work – made our working relationship both ambitious and firmly grounded at the same time …”

“… loves to nurture creative ideas, and is always looking to push them as far as they’ll go without ever losing sight of their strategic fit …”

All recommendations sourced from LinkedIn.