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Customer marketingEvery business invests in customer relationship marketing or ‘CRM’ to take care of customers, but even with this kind of investment, from time to time every business can look like it doesn’t care enough.  With the pressure on costs and pricing, increasing competition, keeping up with disruptive technologies, it’s not easy.

Planning customer relationship marketing starts with understanding the customer.  Research, analysis, crunching data.  Hard work and sometimes it’s difficult to spot the killer insights which will focus your thinking.  Experience tells us that there are a number of fundamental truths for every business which can help you to use your data to find answers:

Pareto works

Some customers are worth more than others. Whether they buy more often, spend more or are just more loyal to your brand, your best customers bring more to your business.  Click here to read more about managing customer value

Give the customer a voice

Feedback is good for you.  Give your customers a voice and you’ll find out what to fix, what to do more of and less of.  Click here to read more about listening to the voice of your customer

Customers want to get closer to you

You might be surprised to find that some customers like you so much, they’re ready for more commitment.  ‘Get engaged’ and they’ll love you even more.  Click here to read more about getting closer to your customers.

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