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Business performance reporting can be dry and detailed.  Businesses can generate report after report, drowning managers in numbers.

What are the right numbers to measure?  What’s the best way to measure and report them?  What do you want to achieve with your performance reporting?

Making reports is easy to do.  Measuring your marketing performance meaningfully is harder work.  When it’s built and operated in the right way, you can change your business culture so that staff live and breathe their numbers.  The change comes from focussing your team on the numbers that matter, reviewing performance regularly and agreeing actionable conclusions.  Healthy habits for high performing businesses.

At Hertz Europe car rental, 25% of all revenue came from loyalty programme members.  But the performance of loyalty programmes and of customer marketing activity wasn’t clear.  With 20 major markets across Europe to manage, the challenge was to re-invent performance reporting and processes to support performance management.

Within weeks we’d designed and piloted new formats and processes.  After 3 months new processes were in place throughout Europe.  After 6 months we’d refined the new system to highlight good and bad performance, and through a healthy spirit of competition, we started to drive performance growth.

With growth rates of up to +35% by market, high performers started to drag low performers along with them.  Revenue growth soon followed.  After 12 months Hertz rolled out the new system globally.  A strong US corporate culture taking best practice in performance management from Europe.

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