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Pricing applying principles from psychology

Recent studies in behavioural psychology & behavioural economics have shown how to apply psychology to how you plan and present prices.  Academic studies in psychology have taught us how the human brain processes pricing, and how pricing decisions are made.  Tested through social science experiments, hypotheses and theories in how consumers process decisions have been proven – ready to apply in business.

As consumers we can all make strange decisions.  Understanding how the brain sees and processes pricing gives you a planning framework for your pricing strategy which applies principles from pricing psychology:

Understanding pricing psychology

Introduces opportunities to adjust how you plan pricing.  There’s much more than 99p ‘charm pricing’ to think about.  Click here to read more

Introducing structured relative pricing

Presents your pricepoints alongside each other, so that instead of thinking about pricing strategies used by your competitors, you start to compete with yourself.  Click here to read more

Planning portfolio pricing

Puts your products and prices together to plan them as a portfolio.  Supporting upsell, cross-sell and customer retention.  Click here to read more

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